Hello y’all! I’m Ellen

I help wonderful boss babes (& gents) travel and live the lifestyle they want. I have been in the shoes of someone with no clue where to start when planning a vacation and have ended up finding a love and mastery for it. My family joked that #vacationsbyellen should become it’s own company since I enjoy travelling myself and love helping others plan the trips of their dreams—here we are today!

Planning a trip can be quickly overwhelming. With all the different plane, train, taxi and walking connections who knows where to start? Other sites use algorithms to “create” an itinerary for you. I sit down and listen, finding the best activities for you myself and helping you to plan a vacation of your dreams. I research everything for you and plan appropriate travel times between destinations based on your preferences.

I always get asked how we can take such crazy trips, seeing so much in one trip or how we can afford them. How can you possibly do a road trip with 70 hours of drive time in a week? It’s careful planning and finding the best flights for your trip. Basic budgeting and efficient planning are how I create your dream trip!

I look forward to talking with you about how we can make your travel dreams come true.

xoxo Ellen